Saturday, December 31, 2016

December 2016

December was a great month and a busy one. We really enjoyed spending time together in our home the first part of the month. We all enjoyed sitting by the fireplace and tree and listening to Christmas music. We all got a nasty cough that lasted forever and so spent a lot of the month laying around trying to get over it while enjoying chicken noodle soup and bubble baths. Hannah learned to write her name and we are pretty sure she is going to be left handed. Kate discovered blanket rides and loved coaxing James to give her rides. 

 We took a trip to Utah to spend Christmas in the mountains with family. We loved our trip and the time we got to spend with our family!

We spent the first week with my family and loved seeing my parents new home. For the first time in years my family was all together for the holiday and I loved catching up with them. 

We had a lot of fun making gingerbread houses, having a tea party with the girls, watching movies in the theater room, playing greed and ping pong, and just being together. 

We spent the second week with Joe's family! My kids were so excited to see Santa at the Palmer Christmas party and they loved being together with their cousins again. 

Santa came to our house while we were on our trip and the kids were so excited to open presents again when we got home. 

I like to write down some of the presents they received because I feel like it shows what they are interested in.  James got a kindle fire, flying helicopter, basketball, metronome, Mario 3D world Wii game, magnetic transforming balls, knect toys and books. Ali got an I-pod, gumball machine, jewelry box, new coat, hunter boots, legos & clay. Hannah got a kindle fire, magnetos, piggy bank, pasta play set, cupcake game and play-doh. Kate got some new clothes, pajamas, pacifiers and a toy. 

Sunday, December 4, 2016

November 2016

 The year is almost over, what? Where did the year go? It seems like every November a few days before Thanksgiving I have a mini panic attack, somehow the realization that the year is coming to a close almost automatically pushes me into hyper mode and I find myself trying to squeeze in lost days from the previous months. 

November was a great month! We are finally feeling settled in our home and are moved in enough that every weekend is not filled with house projects. We enjoyed a night out back roasting s'mores and talking around the fire. We have also enjoyed a lot of beautiful fall walks around our neighborhood. Kate is growing up way to fast and is crawling everywhere, the other kiddos love playing with her. Kate just got her first tooth and has become our little beaver, she chews on everything. Ali lost her first tooth this month, she was beyond excited and has shown everybody she sees. We finished reading the 2nd Harry Potter and I keep finding the kids reenacting scenes from the book, it makes me happy. I love that they are just starting to really enjoy and remember the books we read together.

We enjoyed a beautiful Thanksgiving at my sisters home in Indiana, we all enjoyed spending time at her home and being together for the holiday. I have so much to be grateful for and truly felt an overwhelming joy Thanksgiving day. I am grateful for my amazing husband and am so in love with him. I am grateful for my children, for the opportunity I have to be a mother and for the things that my children are teaching me. I am grateful for my sister Holly and for the friendship that we share, I am grateful we are in the same stage of life at the same time to help encourage & support one another. I am grateful for my parents who raised me, taught me and loved me and who continue to. I am grateful for my siblings, aunts, uncles and so many others who help teach & guide my children. I am grateful for the gospel of Jesus Christ and for my loving Heavenly Father who help bear my burdens and make them light. I am grateful for our home, our wonderful neighbors and friends. We are truly blessed and I am grateful!