Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Kentucky Home

We moved to Kentucky and purchased our first home this past July. We have been busy making it our own and still have a lot of work to do but are feeling settled now and really do love it here. For all of those who have been patiently waiting for photos, thank you and here they are. Now come and visit, we miss y'all!

Our new home! 


Front Entry

Music Room

Dinning Room (currently under construction)

Grand Room


Powder Room

Grand Room (from kitchen)

Kitchen (from grand room)


Garage Entry (to the right is the second staircase)

Laundry Room


Master Bedroom

My Closet 

Master Bathroom

Upstairs Hallway (Right: overlooks front entry, Left: overlooks grand room)

Grand Room from above

Loft & Back Staircase


James Room 

Girls Room

Girls Closet

Kids Bathroom

Basement/Family Room

Basement/Game Room

Basement/ Exercise Corner 

Basement Staircase & Door to Bathroom 

Side of House 

Back of House