Monday, October 31, 2016

October 2016

The weather has been so nice this past month. Hannah got a really weird virus this month and had Hives for a week. She called the rash her "Beehives" which we all thought was so adorable. After a week of staying inside and Joe traveling we were all going a little stir crazy and so decided to paint pumpkins out back. I don't think I have ever been more grateful for a warm Fall as I did that day. 

Holly and Brian came to visit for their fall break. We loved spending time with them and now more than ever I feel so blessed to have such an amazing relationship with my sister. We are both in a crazy stage of life and I truly believe that Heavenly Father knew that we would need each other. We had a lot of fun while they were here. We went to Smale park and Greater's Ice cream, we went to our ward chili cook off and trunk or treat and to church together- they got to watch our primary program. We celebrated Andrews birthday and had lots of fun playing ping pong, having Nurf wars and watching our kids play together.

We went on a fun outings with Hannah's friend Sophia (who lives right across the street). We had a lot of fun until I realized I locked my keys in the car. I have a history of doing it and have decided our next vehicle will have the key that makes it impossible to lock your keys in the car.

Kate is growing up so quickly, she loves her toes and is so close to crawling. She loves being with her siblings and LOVES food, she says "mmmm" when she wants food or sees the kids eating!

Halloween was fun! We carved pumpkins then enjoyed a fun mummy dinner with a potion drink and then Trick or Treated around our neighborhood, came home, ate candy and watched Ichabod crane.