Wednesday, August 31, 2016

August 2016

August was a busy month, we had lots of company and loved every visit! The kids started school and really like their teachers and classmates. 

We love our new home and our neighborhood! We are excited to start some projects and make it our own! 

James started 2nd grade! He has started school at a new place every year but doesn't seem to mind. We are looking forward to settling here for awhile so hopefully next year he doesn't have to start over again. 

Ali started Kindergarten, she goes in the afternoon.

James was really excited to meet his new teacher and to find out his friend is in his class and that they get lockers. 

Ali's first day was crazy as is was pouring rain and the bus never came but we are figuring it all out. 

We had a lot of company this past month and loved every minute! 

The Riches came to visit and my kids were so so excited to spend some time with their "cousins," really my cousins:) We had lots of fun swimming, eating pizza,  going to Montgomery Inn & Greater's Ice Cream, seeing Cincinnati and staying up late talking. 

My brother Tyler and his family came to visit on their way home from summer sales. We had a quick visit but loved it and enjoyed church together and got to celebrate Liam's first birthday.

My brother Devin and his family came to visit on their way home from summer sales too! We got to meet baby Ammon, I loved holding him and seeing my brother and his wife as new parents. 

Kate & Ammon

 My grandpa & grandma Smith came to visit and we had fun visiting with them! We saw Cincinnati and walked along the river, had lots of yummy food & Greater's Ice Cream, watched movies, roasted s'mores and enjoyed visiting. 

We visited our new temple in Louisville and then took the kids to the Science Museum.