Sunday, July 31, 2016

July 2016

July was a super exciting time for our family! We closed on our home in Northern Kentucky and officially became home owners! As part of our contract we agreed to let the previous owners of our home stay until the middle of the month and so we spent 2 weeks between homes which ended up being really fun this time around! We spent the first week and 4th of July weekend with my sister Holly and her family in Indiana. Our second week was spent in a hotel in downtown Cincinnati. We moved into our home on July 10th. We had movers move us which made the whole experience so much more enjoyable especially since we used movers with our last move and we knew what to expect this time around. 

4th of July with my sister and her family in their new home in Indiana was a blast. The kids loved playing together and enjoying the beautiful summer weather.

I am officially not the only one on my side of the family with a baby girl! I loved meeting my sisters little girl and cuddling the babies. We snapped this picture before going to church together. Between the two of us we have 8 kids 7 and under. 

We stayed at the Marriott hotel in downtown Cincinnati and loved our room!

We enjoyed our week stay in the hotel and used that time to get the kids registered for school, update our address, switch over utilities and see the city. We met up with some friends at the zoo which my kids loved. We also visited the parks and found my new favorite restaurant- Montgomery Inn! 

Our moving truck came a day early on Sunday instead of Monday. The movers moved everything inside for us and we spent the next week or so unpacking boxes and trying to find a space for everything. We ended up having a garage sale which was a total flop and pretty much just gave stuff away. We met lots of neighbor's and Ali had fun selling lemonade. 

A few days after moving in my sister and her family came to visit, as they were leaving my parents, brother Scott and sister Alisa came. We had a lot of fun enjoying the pool and showing them our new home. We loved having family visit!

Joe celebrated the big 30! We had fruit pizza instead of cake and surprised Joe with a new Bose sound bar for the TV and some other things for the house. He waited years to get his own power tools and finally ordered them!