Tuesday, May 31, 2016

May 2016

We are on cloud nine and feel so grateful for trials and hardships that make us stronger and the blessings that follow. Pregnancy is a struggle for me and our family and having little Kate in our home has made it all worth it. We enjoyed every second with little Kate this past month. We are starting to get adjusted to our new normal but realize that everything will be changing soon as we prepare to move. We found out this month that Joe's company will be relocating us to Northern Kentucky. We drove to Kentucky for a weekend trip and ended up putting an offer on a house and so far everything seems to be falling into place. This past year has been a bit of a whirlwind and we have never really felt settled so we are excited to move into a home we can call ours and start putting down some roots. We are so grateful for the career experiences Joe has had and for amazing friends and family who have helped us through this past year. 

First smile on camera

Hotel Stay in Kentucky

We took another weekend trip to Palmyra New York and met up with my brother Brian and his family. We stopped at Niagra Falls in Canada on our way, I loved watching Joe and my kids and their amazement as we drove up to the waterfall. 

We spent a night in Palmayra and visited lots of church sites including: Hill Cumorah and the visitors center, The Sacred Grove, The Temple, Alvin Smiths headstone, The Smith Frame Home and Log Cabin and the Printing Press where the Book of Mormon was printed. On our way home we stopped at the Peter Whitmer Log home and at the Kirtland Temple. It was a busy week but we loved everything about it. 

Hill Cumorah & Visitors Center

Alvin's Tombstone & Martin Harris Farm

Printing Press 

Sacred Grove

Sacred Grove

Smith Frame Home

Frame Home Shed

Palmayra Temple and Smith Home Log Cabin

Kirtland Temple