Thursday, September 29, 2016

Letter to Ali (September 2016)

Ali cakes,

You love to be called Ali cakes and saying it always brings a smile to your face. I just love your pure happiness for life and your desire to please and help those around you. You are so kind and loving and an amazing big helper and sister. The past few months have been pretty busy as you finished up Preschool in Michigan and we moved to Kentucky and you started Kindergarten.

You love our new home and spend a lot of time in the loft playing pretend with your sister. You also love to ride your bike in our driveway. You have a small walk in closet in your bedroom and love to get dressed in it each morning and change into your pajamas as night. You share a room with Hannah and your closet is like your own secret place. 

You go to afternoon Kindergarten and although the first few days were scary for you and you were a little shy and had to be brave you are now loving school.  You are doing remarkably well in school and although you already know your letters and numbers you love reviewing them with me and show me what you have done each day at school. You love to read and are asking to write a lot and have a deep desire to learn. You just started taking piano lessons which you love!  

I am amazed by your ability to remember others and their needs. I pray with you each night before you go to bed and you always seem to remember somebody who is in need and you pray for them. Often times you pray for somebody that I mentioned was in need just in remember though and pray for them. 

I love you Ali girl.

~M-O-M (That is how you say my name, you spell it out) 

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