Thursday, September 29, 2016

Letter to Kate (September 2016)


I can't believe that you are only a few days away from turning 6 months old. You are at such a fun age and learning so much everyday. Over the past 2 months you have become such a happy baby always smiling and cooing, staring at me and demanding attention with your big eyes.

The first 4 months of your life you seemed to be uncomfortable, you spit up all the time and whined a lot. I felt like I was always trying to help you feel comfortable but never really knew what to do. We knew pretty quick that you had Reflex a condition where the sphincter in your throat never formed and caused acid from your stomach to burn your esophagus. We put you on medication when you were only a few weeks old but something still seemed to be bothering you and so I went off of dairy and that seemed to help some. You had a difficult time nursing your first few months of life and I always worried you were not getting enough to eat. There was a lot of guessing and truthfully I still don't know what was bothering you but you seem to be doing a lot better now.

You are still on a medication for reflex and still spit up a ton but it doesn't seem to hurt you anymore. After a few months of no dairy I just started eating it again and you seem to be doing well. You are eating solid foods a couple times a day. You have tried a lot of foods including: oatmeal, pears, bananas, watermelon, bread, crackers, granola, avocado and peas. You eat it all but your favorite is oatmeal with pear juice. Usually when you eat you slurp your food off a spoon and then swallow it. You recently started gumming your food and when you eat it looks like you are chewing. The whole family loves to watch you "chew" and laugh as you sit at the dinner table looking around gumming your food.

You love to move. You rolled over when you were only 4 months old (July 12th) and haven't stopped since. You are scooting and rolling all over the place now and can pull yourself up on all fours and kinda launch forward, you are really close to crawling and I can't believe it. This past month you found your toes and you love to play with them.

You know your name and respond when you hear it. I love watching your siblings play with you and fight for your attention. Your siblings all love you so so much. They make sure to give you hugs and kisses when you wake up and before you go to bed. The moment you whine or let out a cry they all come running to you.

I love you, my sweet little one.


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