Thursday, September 29, 2016

Letter to James (September 2016)

You have been a busy boy the past few months. This past June you finished up 1st grade at Cherokee Elementary in Michigan along with Soccer and then we prepared to move to our new home in Kentucky. We bought our first home and you have been such an amazing helper. You have your own room with a Queen size bed now and you absolutely love it. When we put an offer on our home we told the previous owners how much you liked the airplane room and they left everything for you including model airplanes that hang from your bedroom ceiling and a leather pilots jacket that hangs on your wall. You really do love your blue airplane room but your favorite part about your room is still your legos, your dresser is always covered in them and when you get a free minute you go to your room to build.

You started school a few weeks ago. You were sad to leave Michigan behind, especially your school and your best friend Ben. You have already made some great friends at your new school and have transitioned really well. I realized the other day that you are only in 2nd grade and have been to 3 different elementary schools. I feel bad about you having to start a new school each year but know that you have an amazing gift to lead and make new friends easily. I miss you while you are at school and miss having my little boy around throughout the day. You are not really little anymore, you have grown so much over the past few months. You are very independent, responsible and an amazing example and big brother to your sisters.

Last Saturday I took you shopping with me to get you some new tennis shoes and we talked and laughed the whole time. You already wear a size 4 shoe and outgrow your clothes within a month so shopping for you is becoming a normal occurrence. You still hold my hand as we walk into the stores and I just know that is coming to an end and I am going to miss it. I love how much you love your family and one of my favorite things is watching you wave goodbye and blow kisses from the bus as you head to school. I also love watching you head home from the bus stop after school, you hold your sisters hand and you talk and laugh the whole makes me so happy to see you and your sister laugh together.

You love your routine. You don't get home from school until 4 which is so late to me but you know you don't have a lot of time to play before dinner so you always are super quick to do your homework, read for 20 minutes and practice the piano for 10 minutes. When you finish your routine you love to play the Wii, I-pad, watch a movie, play with legos or have a friend over. You also love your night routine of showering, brushing teeth and reading your scriptures. I can't tell you how much joy it brings me as your mom to see you doing the simple things we have taught you to do all on your own, with a reminder. Dad and I have been talking with you about baptism and you are preparing to be baptized in March. You are working on memorizing the articles of faith and just passed off the first three. You are a hard worker and I am so proud of you and the good choices you are making.

I love you!


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