Sunday, January 31, 2016

January 2016

January was a tough month. I have been really uncomfortable with this pregnancy and Joe was away for work for 3 weeks in a row which made for really long days.

I started it off by wrecking our van. I hit black ice on the road in front of our house and hit a tree.  Thankfully nobody was hurt but our van has seen better days. (We decided not to fix our van since it is over a $2000 fix and we plan to get a new vehicle soon. Every time the kids get in the van they remind me that "it is broken")

James started swim lessons with his friend Benjamin! 

I had fun taking pictures of the girls together so they could hang them on their bedroom walls. More pictures here. 

Joe and I celebrated 8 years of marriage together!

Ali's turned 5 and had an awesome princess party with her friends. 

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