Friday, January 15, 2016

Letter to James (End of 2015)

You are such a sweet and caring boy. I will be forever grateful that Heavenly Father sent you to me as my first child and that your such a wonderful big brother to your little sisters. Their have been many moments this past year that my heart has overflowed with love for you and your actions have brought joy to me and our family.

This past year was a rough one for me as I was really sick with baby #4 and you have been such a help to me as I have struggled through nauseousness. I will never forget your sweet desire to try to alleviate my sickness by bringing toast with peanut butter on it up to me in bed each morning. You also started getting yourself cereal each morning and helped your sister when I couldn't.

You love to help me cook and know how to make mac-n-cheese all by yourself. Your favorite food is my homemade chicken noodle soup and you are really good at helping me roll out the noodles and add ingredients to the pot. You also love my pancakes and can make them on your own.

I was really nervous for you to leave your friends, school and routine in Utah and to start the school year off at a new school in a new state and you have done amazingly well. You are a born leader and make friends very easily. You have worked hard in school this past year and are improving with your reading each day as you read 5 books everyday after school.

You have always had a special place in your heart for animals and when your teacher asked you what you want to learn more about at school you told her "animals!" You love learning about where animals live and how they adapt to their surroundings. One of your favorite TV shows is Wild Kratts. You love to play the Wii and games on the I-pad and always get excited when you hear anything Mindcraft related even though we don't own it.

You love playing and being with friends and had a fun time playing flag football with your friend Rex this past year. You also like to play with our neighbor friends Ava and Ben. Your favorite sport seems to be soccer and you look forward to playing each season. You also enjoy music and just learned all the songs in your first piano book. You have a lesson with me each Tuesday and earn a quarter each time you learn a song. You have been saving up your quarters to buy a lego set.

You love legos! Whenever you get a minute to yourself I know I will find you in your dinosaur bedroom with your door closed (so that your sisters can't interrupt) building with legos. You have lots of legos but really like your Lego City, Dinosaur World, Star Wars and Ninjago sets.

I love you James and am proud of the sweet boy that you are.


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