Friday, January 15, 2016

Letter to Hannah (End of 2015)

You are such an energetic, animated and beautiful little girl! You steal the show wherever you go and often times leave a grocery store with a stranger wrapped around your finger. You are super outgoing and will strike up a conversation with anyone you meet. This past month we were at the mall and you thought a stranger was dad and hugged the strangers leg, I said Hannah we are over here and you looked up at the man and smiled and said "you are not my daddy!"

You don't hold any emotion back which is awesome and contagious when you are happy but not so much when you are sad. I love seeing you so happy over the simplest things. You love picking out dads clothes for him and always make him wear an orange shirt, you love the color orange and when you see it you get excited and say "I am so excited!"

You have the most beautiful natural curls. Your hair is long and thick and beautiful and everywhere you go people ask me about your hair and if I curl it. Most mornings you wake up looking like I have spent lots of time on your hair and really you just rolled out of bed. You make the cutest faces and love to pull your arms up to your scrunched face with your fists closed and say "I'm scared!"

You just started adding a "y" sound to the end of every word and have to go to sleep every night with your "blankey," "doggy" and "booky." You love reading and have just started playing and entertaining yourself and love to play in your bedroom. Often times I find you in your bedroom sitting in your little chair reading a book or singing to a baby doll. You also love dogs!

You love singing! I love listening to you sing I am a Child of God, Book of Mormon Stories, Eye of the Tiger...especially when you sing the roar part. You love to watch little video clips from U-Tube on the I-pad and one of your favorite clips to watch is a song about daddy, mommy, brother, sister and baby finger. You sing the song all the time and when you get hurt or are talking about a finger you refer to it as a person just like from the song. When you eat olives, raspberries or play with legos you can be heard singing the finger song.

You love Netflix and are always asking to watch "Tigerhood" (Daniel Tigers Neighborhood) and Sofia. You love Sofia and like to reenact scenes from the show with Ali. Your favorite Sofia episode is one about a little witch who goes around hexing (mean spells) people. You love to point your little finger at me and say "Hex" when you get is hilarious!

You are such a special little girl and bring so much joy to our family. I love you!


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