Saturday, January 23, 2016

Ali's 5th Birthday

 Ali had a pretty fun 5th birthday! She was excited to go to school on her birthday and took colorful goldfish to share with her class. She got to go to the dollar store to spend some birthday money, to McDonalds play place for a happy meal and Coldstone for ice cream. I loved watching Ali so excited on her special day! Joe was out of town and so was unable to be here for Ali's actual birthday but he made it special by calling her and leaving random messages throughout the day.

Later in the week Ali went shopping with me and got to pick out some new outfits. 

Ali had her first friend birthday party and loved every minute of it! Her party was a princess themed party and her friends came dressed up as princesses. They played with sparkly play-dough, went on a frozen scavenger hunt, used magic wands to pop balloons and find treasures/candy, played pass the slipper and had a dance party. Ali wanted cupcakes instead of a cake and so each of her friends got their own cupcake with a candle and they all made a wish together. Joe and James dressed up in suites and served Ali and her friends at the party which Ali thought was pretty awesome. 

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