Friday, January 1, 2016

2015 Year in Review

2015 was a great year full of lots of change. Joe graduated from BYU with his MBA and took a finance job in Troy Michigan. 

We had a lot of ups and downs trying to find a home and lived with family and in a hotel for about a 2 month period. We ended up finding a home but are currently renting until we figure out where life is going to take us. Where is life going to take us? seems to be the question of the year.

A few days after moving into our home I started feeling really sick and we found out that we will be having another baby! We are excited to welcome another baby girl into our family this upcoming spring!

Joe is really enjoying his job as a financial analyst for a motor supply company and continues to learn each day. He is currently serving as Young Men's President in our ward and keeps busy with church service. He had LASIK eye surgery this past month!

I am happy to have made it to week 28 of this pregnancy and am excited to welcome a baby girl into our family this spring. I continue to enjoy photography and cooking. I keep busy with the kids and love being home with them as well as serving as the Young Women's Secretary in our ward. 

James started first grade and has adjusted to a full day really well. He is working hard learning to read and was able to do flag football shortly after we made the move. James just finished learning all the songs from his first piano book and is excited to start basketball and another season of soccer. 

Ali started Preschool this year and loves her teachers and classmates! Ali knows all of her letters and is a very happy girl and loves to mother Hannah. She started ballet and tap lessons this year and loves to dance.

Hannah pretty much runs our household, she loves to be involved and in charge. She potty trained this year and has grown up so fast. She is taking dance with Ali but mostly focusing on just ballet.

Month Summaries 

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