Saturday, October 31, 2015

October 2015

Fall is both Joe and I's favorite season and we really enjoy the traditions we have established with our family. We spent a fun night at the Crossroads Village and Huckleberry Railroad, we also had a friend take some quick pictures of our family. It was a beautiful evening full of fun memories, I loved that we truly enjoyed ourselves as a family and were not stressed about spending the evening getting a bunch of family photos. 

Ali went on her first field trip ever and we had a ton of fun picking apples together!

Hannah found a new favorite treat and loved wearing her dress with pockets.

Joe stayed busy organizing a coat/clothing drive for individuals in need in our area. This was one of his church callings over the past few months. They 

We spent a lot of time at the park and loved playing in the leaves. 

My sister Holly and her family came to visit! We had a lot of fun showing them Michigan and just being together.  

We made sugar cookies

We took a trip to Chicago! We said goodbye to Holly and her family and returned to Michigan with my parents and brother. 


We had my mom and dad and brother Scott visit for Halloween. The kids loved trick or treating with their uncle and I enjoyed visiting with my parents. Halloween night was a wet rainy one so the kids went trick or treating around our block but they came back with a bag full of candy each. This was the first year we didn't dress up as a family with themed costumes. This year the kids wanted to be what they wanted and so James was Captain America, Ali was a witch and Hannah was a dog. 

Friday, October 30, 2015


Carving Pumpkins

One of our favorite Halloween traditions is carving pumpkins and then putting them on our porch and lighting them up Halloween night. Hannah absolutely loved playing with the seeds and guts and kept pretending to cook. It was fun to have my mom and dad and Scott with us this year, I appreciated their help. 

Thursday, October 29, 2015


We took a quick mid-week trip to Chicago!

We left our home early Tuesday morning and spent the afternoon driving around Chicago. We drove through the city and saw Lake Michigan, Soldier Field and Navy Pier.  We then parked our car and walked around Millenium Park and saw the reflective "Bean" sculpture and the outdoor theater.

I absolutely loved walking down the streets in Chicago. The streets were really busy and traffic was crazy, I loved the business though and the thrill that came from being in such a fast paced place...I almost felt like I was in New York city for a moment. I wanted to stop and take pictures of all of the amazing buildings but with 3 kiddos and lots of rain I didn't. 

The Willis tower was a must see! We loved it and I seriously wanted to stay another 3 hours and wait for the sun to set and watch the city lights appear but we decided to head to our hotel and let the kids unwind before picking up my parents from the O'Hare airport.

Joe dropped the kids and I off at our hotel and left to pick up my parents from the airport. We got settled and met up with my sister Holly and her family (they spent the day at the museum of Science and Industry). We decided after a fast paced day to have dinner ordered in and got 2 large Chicago style pizzas from Giordano's! I really liked the was a deep heavy crust which was super filling and almost tasted like lasagna.

We spent the next morning hanging out with Holly and her family and my brother Scott and mom and dad! It was so fun being all together again coming from Michigan, Iowa, and Utah!  The kids loved being in a hotel with their cousins and grandpa and grandma. We had a fun time swimming together, watching TV shows, eating treats and just relaxing.