Wednesday, September 30, 2015

September 2015

The kids started school this month and are loving it! I am loving the routine after 3 months without it and have finally began to feel a little bit settled for the first time since we left our home in Provo.

James stared first grade, more pictures here.

Ali started Preschool! More pictures here. 

Hannah and I spent a lot of one on one time together while the kids were at school, more pictures here.

We got a lot of rain this month! Hannah and I love waiting for James to come home from school, more pictures here.

The temperature started to cool down and we spent a lot of time outdoors enjoying it.

We discovered Wilcott Farm...

and the park!

Ali got a twin bed and we got ride of the toddler bed. (Hannah is still in a crib)

 Hannah learned to climb onto the counter without a chair, she can get to anything and everything now. 

Monday, September 28, 2015

Hannah: Loving Two

This little one and all of her personality...I just LOVE her! Hannah is full of emotion, attitude and spunk and brings so much life to our family. Hannah could speak alone with her eyes and actions because she is so animated, the funny thing is she is super loud too. When she laugh's it is loud, when she cries it is loud, she doesn't hold anything back.  She has both mom and dad wrapped around her little finger and her brother and sister too. 

I just live to see her run to her brother when he gets home from school and watch her hug him tight as she wraps her little legs around him yelling "Brother!" She loves her sister too and when she is not pretending to by mommy and boss everybody around she lets her sister be the mom and help take care of her.

I love Hannah's cute 2 year old voice and listening to her put words together and try to make sentences. She loves to say" "For MEEE!" when she gets something and when she is asking for something. Joe and I sing a lullaby to Hannah each night before we put her to bed. The lullaby is one my mom wrote and used to sing to me, it's called "And I Love You." It is a cute little song that goes like this:

The prince loved Cinderella and another one loved Snow White
and the three little kittens and their little mittens
had a mommy to hold them tight.

Well the cow loves jumping over the moon 
and the dish loves being right their with the spoon 
and I love being right here with you!

Miss Piggy she loved Kermit and I think he loved her too
Hansel loved his sister Gretel, clear until the story was through.

Well the cow loves jumping over the moon 
and the dish loves being right their with the spoon 
and I love being right here with you!

Hananh loves to change the end of the song to: and I love being right her with MEEE!

Hannah is miss independent and loves to do things by herself. Often times when I try to take her to the bathroom she shakes her head and points for me to stay out of the bathroom while yelling "Self, I do it SELF!"

James is in first grade now and in school most of the day and Ali goes to preschool for 3 hours 4 days a week which means Hannah and I get most mornings just us two. I really enjoy the one on one time and can't believe my baby is growing up so fast, I feel blessed to be this sweet girls mother!

Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Rain & Waiting for James

School didn't start until after Labor day here in Michigan which is super late compared to what we were used to back in Utah. This was a change that I was secretly grateful for as I wasn't ready to have my boy go to school all day. 

As hard as it is to watch my kids grow up it's been good to see them became more independent and develop their own interests. Jame really loves school! Hannah's favorite time of the day is when James comes home. She loves watching for him and running to see him! 

Monday, September 21, 2015

Ali's First Day of Preschool

From the moment Ali found out that I signed her up for Preschool she couldn't stop talking about it...she was so excited! 

Hannah and I got to go with Ali to her first day of Preschool and meet her teachers and see her classroom. The following day I dropped Ali off and she got to go all by herself. Ali is in morning preschool and goes for 3 hours 4 days a week. 

Tuesday, September 8, 2015

James First Day of First Grade

James is a first grader and loved his first day of school. He got to go all day, ride the bus and eat lunch at school. 

Ali and Hannah had a hard time letting their brother go and thought all day school was way to long. They loved watching him get on the bus...Hannah insisted on wearing her backpack too!