Monday, August 31, 2015

August 2015

We found a lot of joy in the simple things while adjusting to a new area and making our house a home. We spent a lot of time at the lakes enjoying the nice weather before the kids started school.

Hannah potty trained, you can read all about it here. There is another post about her curly hair here. 

We took a weekend trip to Indiana and met up with my twin sister Holly and her family. We also went through the Indianapolis temple open house, read more about it here.

We went bowling with some friends from our ward. 

We continued reading the magic tree house books...a tradition we started last summer. 

The kids enjoyed playing backyard soccer with Joe.

A friend invited us to pick raspberries with her and I fell in love with another part of Michigan...the countryside.  I love the countryside and getting away from the business of city life. 

We bought our first lemon press and made homemade lemonade. 

We played in the rain...actually got caught in rain storms a few times. 

My mom came to visit and we went downtown. 

Thursday, August 27, 2015

Our Home Search

We started looking at homes back in December...we were not looking seriously because we knew that what we liked would be off the market before we could purchase it. 

I became pretty obsessed with finding the perfect home online and looked at hundreds of listing every week for a good 3 months before we finally flew out to Michigan for a 4 day house hunting trip. About the time we flew out we realized that homes were selling super fast and so we knew we would need to act fast if we found a home we wanted to buy. We walked through 35-40 homes on our trip and drove by hundreds of others and ended up putting in 3 offers, one of which we signed a contract on and began the process of home inspection and appraisal- a process that ended up taking 2 months. 

A few days before moving out of our home in Provo we finally heard back on the appraisal and the inspection which lead us to the decision to NOT close on the home... and we started our house hunting search again. 

This is the home we thought we would originally buy...a home that needed some updating but in a great location in Rochester Hills on a golf course. 

Joe flew out and lived in a hotel and I stayed in Utah to be with family. During this time I looked seriously into renting but every time I called on a rental it was already gone or it was way to much over 23000/month.  I became really stressed and seriously thought we might be living in an apartment. We decided to continue our house hunting search.

 We put in 2 more offers and eventually signed a contract on the home below. This home is a completely updated 4 bedroom, 4 bathroom home in a good area but a lot longer of a commute for Joe then we wanted.  

The kids and I lived in a hotel with Joe for 3 weeks while we waited on inspection and appraisal. 3 days before our move in date we found out the home was actually zoned as a condo and not a single family home so it slowed things down. We ended up moving into the home before closing because we were waiting on paperwork. 

In Michigan it is normal to have homes built as condos so that neighborhoods can be built quickly...they are zoned to be an HOA but the HOA never really exists. This caused a huge problem for us because we were working with a bank that was not familiar with this so we were told that we needed to start the whole process over again...starting with a new appraisal and higher interest rate. 

After moving into the home and talking with the home owners and decided to put off buying the home. We are currently renting the home below and are so happy to finally be in a home!

 I have learned a ton about home has cost us a couple thousand dollars, a lot of stress and so so much time but it has been a good learning experience and I am grateful that even though we don't own a home yet that I am living in a home I love! 

Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Indiana Trip

We took a quick trip to Indiana and met up with my sister and her family. We had fun at our hotel and then went to a fun park and then to the Indianapolis Indiana temple open houses. It was a quick trip but so worth seeing family and we got to have chick-fil-a!

Friday, August 21, 2015

Potty Training

I am all about waiting to potty train until the kiddo is ready and this little girl was 100% ready! Both Ali and Hannah were way ready to potty train before I was ready to do it:)  I guess I should count that a tender mercy because it sure makes my job a lot easier. 

We spent the week at home drinking lots and lots of liquids and going to the bathroom every hour for the fist two days and really within 3 days she was trained! I seriously could not believe this girl...within 24 hours she went #2 no problem and she stayed dry through the night. 

Saturday, August 1, 2015

Hannah's Curls

 Hannah has the prettiest natural curls! Everywhere I go people ask: "Did you curl her hair?" While the Michigan humidity is causing frizz and ciaos for me and my hair it is working wonders on Hannah's. Hannah's hair has always been curly but in this climate she wakes up every morning with perfect little ringlets. I truly believe this is one of those tender mercies in my life and count these curls a blessing in my life.