Friday, July 31, 2015

July 2015

We spent the first half of July living in a hotel which was fun for the first few days but then the kids got bored and wanted their toys and friends.

We spent a lot of time at the pool (when it wasn't raining) and eating popsicles,

We bought some used toys from Craigslist and took the kids to the Lego store to pick out a new set.

We met up with friends we knew from BYU who also moved to Michigan for jobs. They were super helpful and let us borrow some necessities until all of our stuff arrived. The biggest help was a stroller, which allowed me to get out with all 3 kids and not always have someone in my arms.

James caught his first frog in Michigan!

We met up with friends at the Splash pad near the home we would be moving into.

The kids colored and painted a lot and also visited the Disney store for craft time.

We went to the library a lot. 

We went to the Detroit Zoo a lot too...I think 5 times!

The kids loved riding the train.

We found our church and got to know the ward members.

We spent a lot of time driving and learning the roads here...they are crazy!

We had a fun 4th of July watching fireworks and meeting new friends. 

Ali got a tattoo and was super excited that it was really just like a sticker. 

We roasted marshmallows at our hotel and enjoyed the evenings with Joe. 

We found a cute park that gave free train rides, it became our favorite park while staying at the hotel. 

We went to a fun birthday party on the lake for our friend Oliver.

My parents surprised us with a visit, we had fun with them. We spent the day showing them around Michigan and found Stoney Creek of our new favorite spots. 

On July 13th we got all of our stuff and moved into our home!!! We spent the next few days unpacking and familiarizing ourselves with our new home and new area.

Joe turned 29 and we celebrated with an ice cream cake from Coldstone!