Tuesday, June 30, 2015

June 2015

The month of June was full of amazing moments but also a difficult month full of uncertainty.

Their were so many amazing moments: watching my kids play with cousins knowing it would be the last time in awhile, spending time with grandparents, taking the kids to my favorite parks, having great talks with family and friends, seeing my brother Daniel after two years, being with my family in the celestial room of the temple and watching my brother Devin be sealed for time and all eternity to his sweetheart.

Their was also a lot of heartache, stress and uncertainty. Joe and I spent the month apart...Joe started his job in Michigan and tried to find a place for us to live. We found out a few days before Joe headed out to Michigan that our home fell through so we started the searching process over again, this time on our own without a realtor. I felt really unsettled not knowing where we would be moving and spent lots of time online trying to find the perfect home and on the phone asking questions and setting up appointments. We also had A LOT of drama with my brothers Vitaliy and Spencer which created additional uncertainty and heartache for my whole family. 

We started off the month spending a few days in Wyoming visiting Joe's brother Cory and their family. The kids LOVED playing with their cousins and I enjoyed talking with Katie. I felt so uncertain about so many things and being out in the country seemed to take away my worries and stresses. 

The kids loved catching crawdads and made a cute little aquarium to display their findings. 

They also loved playing with all the animals. 

We spent another couple weeks in Logan. The kids had fun swimming, going on scooter rides and being with family.  

We met up with my Aunt and Uncle and their kids in SLC and had fun walking around temple square, eating and playing at the children's museum. 

The kids loved playing with cousins, being with grandparents and eating popsicles!

We got to see my brother Daniel! He spent the past two years on an LDS mission in Russia. More pictures here.

Hannah turned 2! More pictures here.

We also got to be apart of my brother Devin's special day. We love his new wife Jeni!! More on the wedding day here.

We shipped our van to Michigan.

The kids and I flew from SLC to Detroit! 

Joe picked us up at the airport! Seeing Joe at the bottom of the escalator after spending a month apart bought me so much joy. As our flight left Utah and we headed to Michigan I felt overwhelmed and lost but seeing Joe again made me feel like I was home and I knew that no matter how many wrong turns I took, how many times I got lost, homesick or just missed the familiarity of our old life that we would be fine as long as we were together. 

Saturday, June 27, 2015

Devin & Jeni's Wedding

We absolutely love Jeni and are so excited to have her in the family. I can't believe that my little brother Devin is married. I have really enjoyed watching my siblings as they grow up. 

Devin and Jeni's were sealed in the Timpanogos temple in the afternoon and then had a luncheon at Rodizio Grill. That evening they had a beautiful reception in Jeni's parents backyard. The reception was beautifully decorated with yellow sunflowers, navy table clothes, cute rustic wood decor and old fashioned games complete with a photo booth. My kids loved playing games and being with family and friends, I kept busy taking pictures. I loved watching Jeni throw a baseball with her dad following their dance. I also enjoyed watching Devin and Jeni's first slow dance together followed by a fun upbeat choreographed dance...it was pretty impressive. These two are hilarious and fun and are going to have a great life together. 

Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Hannah's 2nd Birthday

Hannah celebrated her 2nd birthday in Logan. She loved being with family and eating lots of popsicles. She opened a few presents but we saved her big one (a kitchen with play food) for after our move to Michigan. 

Sweet Hannah has brought a lot of joy and spunk to our family, I can't believe she is two.  She is constantly singing and smiling and shows a ton of emotion in all that she does...both when she is happy or sad. 

Friday, June 5, 2015

Daniel's Home

My brother Daniel got home from serving a two year mission in Russia. It was good to see him for a few days before moving to Michigan. 

Hannah was born 2 days after my brother left so this is his first time meeting her.