Sunday, May 31, 2015

May 2015

To say May was a crazy month would be an understatement. We spent the month saying goodbye to friends/family and trying to get in a few lasts and favorites before leaving Utah. 

We toured BYU and Joe showed the kids around his school. Joe's going to miss the tanner building, its been his second home for the past two years. 

We went to the Payson temple open house, it's always neat taking the kids through the temple.

We toured Temple Square, it was a rainy day but fun to show the kids what we have seen so many times. 

We spent lots of time in the mountains and hanging out as a family.

The kids had lots of play dates and I tried to prep them for leaving their friends. James is really going to miss all of his buddies.

Ali and I had a fun date to see the new movie Cinderella!

Hannah is really going to miss her amazing nursery leader-Sister Pratt!

We spent the weekend in Logan saying goodbye to family and then early Saturday morning on May 23rd Joe left for Michigan to start his new job. Joe drove his car out and I stayed behind in Utah with the kids so that James could finish out the school year and we could pack up all of our stuff. 

We had movers pack us and move us which was AMAZING! They packed everything on the 26th and then loaded everything up on the 27th. I spent that night cleaning and then headed to my Aunt Debby's house to spend the next couple nights.

All of our stuff filled this truck all the way to the  "M" in DMS. I was so glad to have movers especially since Joe was already in Michigan. 

We spent the next few days at my Aunt Debby's house with my sister Holly and her kids. We had a lot of fun enjoying Provo. I loved being with my sister (she drove from Iowa to be with her husband who was doing a rotation for med school in SLC) and the kids loved being with their cousins. 

James finished up kindergarten, he had an AMAZING teacher Mrs. Werner!

Saturday, May 30, 2015

James Buddies

James was super lucky to have lots of friends on our block! When we told him we would be moving he was excited until he realized his friends wouldn't be moving with us. I put together play-dates with most of his friends all within our last few days in Provo. 

 Benson, Kaleb and James were the best of friends. All three of their dads were in school at BYU and they were in the same Kindergarten class. They walked to school together and played together a lot!! 

Locke and Ethan 


Levi and Spencer


Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Cinderella Date

This is by far one of my favorite dates with Ali! We try to take each of the kids on a date each month so we get some good one on one time. When the movie Cinderella came out I decided to surprise Ali with a Cinderella dress complete with a crown and take her to the movie. We liked the movie but the best part was getting dressed up and watching Ali smile as everybody at the theater called her Princess.