Friday, December 25, 2015


We had a great Christmas this year! The kids were really excited and full of energy and at the perfect age for a Christmas full of magic and tradition. Joe had a full week and a half off of work and the kids had a full two weeks home from school so we had lots of time together which was great! We missed seeing extended family and had a few sick days but for the most part we really enjoyed our break, especially the little things like the smell of our pine candle burning, Christmas lights, sitting by the fire, drinking hot coco, and thinking of our Savior Jesus Christ. 

Each Christmas I take a "seasonal picture" of the kids to put on our yearly family ornament. For this years picture we got a few shots of the kids in their winter clothes drinking hot coco. It has been one of the memories the kids live for...they LOVE to go outside and play for a bit until they get cold and then come inside and warm up to hot coco. This year they all had their own special mug which made it extra special. 

We spent Christmas Eve with a few families from our ward. We had a yummy Christmas dinner, crafts, reenacted the nativity and had a gift exchange. We really enjoyed being with members from our ward family and loved watching the kids play with friends. Ali was really excited to be Mary in the nativity reenactment and James thought he was a pretty awesome sheep. 

This picture was taken right before bed on Christmas Eve, the kids were so excited!!

Christmas morning was magical, the kids were so excited! Truthfully, so was I...I couldn't sleep and felt like a kid again only this year my excitement was for my kids. I kept waking up worried the kids would go downstairs and I would miss the moment. At 4:45 in the morning I woke up to James yelling "Look at all the presents, this one says J-A-M-E-S it's for me" followed by Ali giggling. My heart sank as I realized the kids were up and Christmas morning had started without me. I hurried downstairs and was so grateful that they hadn't opened a single present. I sent the kids back to bed but their excitement wouldn't allow for sleep so they played and waited patiently for Hannah to wake up.

It only took a few minutes to open presents and I loved every one! James loved getting a few lego sets and a bunch of star wars toys Joe played with as a kid. Ali loved her vanity and received 28 chap-sticks/lipsticks. Hannah loved her new dollhouse, pretend cooking food and Sofia doll, 

We had a yummy pancake breakfast and spent the rest of the day playing and sitting by the fire.

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