Friday, April 24, 2015

MBA Pre-Graduation Shoot

We've made some amazing friendships over the past two years and it is hard to think that we will all be moving apart and heading into the real world in less than a month. We were really lucky to live in a cute little home only a few blocks from BYU, we were even luckier to have amazing friends who were also MBA students on our street and in our ward. I loved learning from these amazing friends and interacting with them and loved the friendships that our kids shared as well. 

Somehow the girls (my friends and I) convinced our husbands to do a photo shoot a few days before graduation so that on graduation day we wouldn't be worried about it. I love the pictures we were able to capture and am glad we choose to do it because after graduation it was poring rain. 

I am so proud of Joe and all of his hard work and sacrifice. He really put forth his best effort and truly enjoyed learning and growing while at BYU.

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