Sunday, March 8, 2015

Hannah - 20 Months Old

Today was a beautiful was one of those days that was simply perfect. It was really just an ordinary Sunday: we went to church, took naps, made bread, went on a walk to the park, had dinner, read stories and got ready for bed. 

There were so many little moments today though that I want to remember. I felt so overwhelmed with gratitude as I sat watching my kids play together at the park. I felt the same feeling again as we sat on the couch as a family after dinner telling stories to each other and laughing. 

Our sweet Hannah has grown so much over the past couple months and being the third child I have not kept record of her monthly progress and recorded updates like I did for James and Ali. 

Hannah is 20 months old and starting to say all sorts of new words. Her favorite new word is "eyebrow," she loves to walk up to people and say eyebrow and then point to their eyebrow. She says everybody in our families name: Dad, Mom, James and Ali and calls herself Ana. Some of her other favorite words to say are: "thanks mom" when we eat dinner, "Wo" when she thinks something is cool, "Hi" to everybody she meets, "da baby" when she wants to watch a video on our phone, and "Where d it go" when she is looking for her blanket.  Hannah loves dogs and whenever she hears one or sees one repeats "Doggy" until we take her to see it. Hannah's nicknames are "Banana" and "Hannah Who."  

Hannah loves playing with the blow is probably her favorite "toy."

Hannah loves lucky charms but only the marshmallows. She also loves to swig down a sippy cup of milk every morning too. 

Hannah is obsessed with Mary Poppins. She loves to listen to her sing "Feed the Birds" and "Lets Go Fly a Kite." Whenever she is hurt, Mary Poppins will calm her down. 

Hannah loves playing make believe, she loves pretending to cook and clean. She also LOVES this glass tea set. 

Hannah loves the camera, both taking pictures and having her picture taken.  I actually got her an old film camera as a toy because she likes mine so much. 

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