Wednesday, December 31, 2014

December 2014 Summary

December was a magical month! The kids were so excited about everything Christmas and the month was full of fun activities and traditions shared with family and friends. 

One of our favorite traditions is adding a new Christmas book to our collection each year. We all go to the book store together and pick out a book, this years book was The Polar Express.

The kids loved setting up the Christmas tree, soon after I finished putting the lights on I found James and Ali laying under the tree looking up through the branches talking about how excited they were for Christmas. It was a sweet moment that took me back to my childhood.

The kids each put their special ornaments on the tree, even Hannah put hers up with Joe's help. Each child gets an ornament each year, this years ornaments were BYU nutcracker ornaments. 

Our 2014 Christmas tree...

I snapped a few quick pictures of the kids in their Christmas PJ's (another tradition) in front of the tree. I love how these photos show their personalities. 

We are part of a babysitting swap group and had 12 kiddos over to watch the Christmas classics: Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer and Frosty the Snowman.

 We made gingerbread houses. Hannah was so excited!

Had lots of hot chocolate...

The kids and some of their friends acted out the Christmas story as we narrated from Luke 2. I thought it was cute that the gifts the wiseman chose to bring were photo books. 

We spent New years Eve with my family in Logan and had a lot of fun talking, playing games, sledding and making gingerbread houses. 
We spent a lot of time playing in the snow. 

James and Ali had a ton of fun laughing and playing together! I really enjoyed the break, my favorite moments were watching James and Ali laugh and play together...they got so excited together too! Hannah got excited just because her siblings were excited. 

 One of our crazy moments was James coming home from school and realizing that he cut his looked horrible. I tried to fix it but ended up buzzing it. James had to do lots of jobs and write a letter to his teacher. 

Another crazy part of the month was trying to figure out what Hannah could and couldn't eat. We realized towards the end of November that her tummy was really bothering her and towards the beginning of December she started breaking out in rashes and hives. After lots of experimenting and doctors visits we found out that she is allergic to dairy. 

Overall the month was wonderful, We look back on the crazy moments and laugh and look at the magical moments and smile. We truly are grateful for the many blessings we enjoy!