Sunday, August 31, 2014

August 2014 Summary

The highlight of August was James starting kindergarten. He was so excited for his first day!  I was dying inside trying to let go of my little boy all while trying to figure out how my baby grew up so fast. He goes to  morning kindergarten every Monday-Friday and absolutely loves his teacher and classmates. 

We said goodbye to Texas and headed home to Utah early Monday morning on August 4th. Joe stayed in Texas to finish up the last 3 weeks of his internship. My sister Alisa and I drove the long 20 hours home all in one day. It was so nice to have her help with my kids and a true miracle that we made it home without stopping for car sickness. 

We hopped out of the car in Moab to snap a quick picture and stretch our legs for a minute. I got really excited being in Utah again...there is something really exciting about coming home!

The kids were so excited to be home and play with all their toys. They did miss my cousins a lot though.

Only a few days after being home we hiked to Stewart Falls. I really missed the mountains while we were in Texas.

We loved playing in the grass! Hannah found a new favorite food...strawberries. She eats the whole thing and will eat a full case at one time if I let her. 

We spent some time outside catching up on all our summer weeds and making sure the lawn got lots of water.  

The kids loved helping me. 

We went to the water park before it closed for the season. 

Hannah loved trying to drink the water as she walked though it...I love this girl!

I quickly realized when we got home that our previous set up was not going to work with a toddler. When we left our home for the summer Hannah was crawling but when we got back she was getting into EVERYTHING and walking. I decided we needed more storage room and took on a big project. 

I bought an old dresser and cedar chest off KSL and stained, painted and re-holstered them.
We took lots of trips to Home Depot to get needed supplies, the kids loved their carts:)

The kids helped me sand the dresser drawers down...

We spent a day in Park City catching up with my cousins and Aunt and Uncle!

My parents came to visit, they showed me all the places they lived back when they lived in Provo. This is the apartment they lived in right before I was born. They are holding up to fingers because it was the second place they lived as a couple. 

Joe came home!! 

We were really excited to be back together as a family!

My Grandpa and Grandma Smith came to visit!