Friday, February 28, 2014

February 2014 Summary

February was a fun month full of little valentine activities and fun. The kids loved getting packages on valentines day and giving out valentines to their friends. 

My parents came to visit for a day.

We came home one night to see our street full of fire trucks and flashing lights and found out our neighbors house had caught fire. Everybody was safe:) We had an FHE on fire safety and James even took a trip to the fire department.

The kids had fun playing in the was actually really warm for February. We have a hole in our fence and the neighbor kids love to climb through it.

The kids and I had a lot of fun touring Provo. We visited the BYU stadium and got a picture with the cougar.

James found where dad parks his bike when he goes to school!

We went to the dinosaur museum with some of our friends.

We hiked the Y...the whole family made it to the top and back!

We visited my brother Tyler and his family and got to see his new house!

 James loved playing with my brothers gecko. 

We made sugar cookies with some friends!

Joe and I got new phones!

I learned all about instagram. My instagram name is thepalmerlife