Friday, July 11, 2014


We celebrated the 4th of July in Kansas with my Grandpa Riches and family. It was a wonderful weekend filed with great conversation and lots of fun! I really enjoyed watching my kids get to know their great grandparents. 

Riches Family Photo

We went to Chicken Mary's...a tradition in the family.

We fed the cows.

Played in the yard.

Got to know my cousin Megan. 

We spent a night at Grandpa and Grandma's house, the kids loved sleeping on bunk beds. After a night in bunk beds the kids were not excited to stay in a hotel. 

We went to a 4th of July pancake breakfast.

James got to help with the flag ceremony.

Afterwards, Grandpa showed us the university he used to teach at and the house he built and used to live's the home my mom grew up in. 

We spent the day visiting with family, playing games, and learning our family history. We also had a few workshops, I  learned how to fix minor plumbing repairs and how to make amazing pie!

The kids went swimming.

We had a turtle race. James thought this was awesome!

 My favorite thing was showing my kids lightning bugs. They all thought they were magical and I loved watching them experience them for the first time, it brought back tons of memories from my childhood. Ali actually got chigger bits all over her legs from spending so much time chasing these. 

We watched fireworks!

The kids did a few sparklers too!

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