Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Week in Dallas

Joe's summer internship was in Downtown Dallas. We lived with my Aunt and Uncle in a suburb of Dallas called Frisco for most of the summer but stayed in a hotel in Dallas shortly after my Aunt had her baby so that they could have some family time with their new baby without our kiddos around. We really enjoyed seeing Dallas at night and all the fun activities it offered. 

I left the family late one night to get some pictures of the skyline at night. Even after the sunset it was so bright because of all the lights.

We got to see where JF Kennedy was shot and walked through the sixth floor museum. 

This picture is from the sixth floor looking down to the X on the road marking the spot he was killed.

Joe worked during the day so the kids and I spent a lot of time exploring Dallas on our own. We met up with our friends the Mourtensen's and rode the Trolley to Clyde Warren Park and played in the water. We also ate at a food truck and explored Dallas Museum of Art. 

We took the kids to see the Dallas temple and then Joe and I took turns doing a session. 

One of my very favorite spots in Dallas was on Margaret Hunt Hill Bridge. 

 We saw the AT&T Stadium!

The kids and I spent a day at the Dallas Zoo and enjoyed playing at the hotel. James loved having television all to himself, Ali loved coloring and taking care of her dolls, Hannah loved pretending to cook. It was a fun week!

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