Monday, June 30, 2014

June 2014 Summary

June was a hot month! We spent the month living with my Uncle Mike and his family in Frisco Texas while Joe worked on his internship at AT&T in Dallas Texas. 

We spent a lot of time at the pool!

James took swim lessons with my cousin Brelyn. They took lessons from a ward friend-Meredith Rotz. She was wonderful and after 2 weeks of lessons James isn't scared of the water!

My brother Devin came to visit, it was fun to see him since we didn't get to spend a lot of time with him before we headed to Texas. Devin returned home from serving an LDS mission in Kiev, Ukraine this past month. 

Hannah turned one! You can read more about her birthday here.

A week after her birthday she started to walk on her own!

Hannah loves being around so many kids! James and Ali have loved playing and getting to know my cousins.

My Aunt Ally showed me all around Frisco area! We visited Central Park. 

We signed up for a library card and participated in the summer reading program. The library was awesome, they had something fun every week. The kids loved the creature teacher and learning about all sorts of creatures. 

Frisco has an amazing Park, its called Hope park and it quickly became one of our favorites. 
Howdy Y'all...The kids (and I) started saying "Y'all", they even started saying "Yes Ma'am" when I would ask them to do something. 

We also fell in love with bunny hill. It was just up the street and had beautiful sunsets and bunnies all over the place. 

My Aunt and Uncle had their 5th baby-Brinley. We enjoyed holding her...Hannah could not leave her alone.

We spent the last little bit of the month in downtown Dallas. You can read more about it here. 

We loved going to the Zoo. 

Hannah was fascinated with the penguins. 

I was fascinated with this baby chimpanzee and its mother. 

When we returned back to my Aunt and Uncles home the older kids were gone so the girls and Ali had a lot of fun dressing up, painting nails, having movie parties, dancing, playing games. etc. Here they are blowing bubbles. 

Ali's favorite was the princess tea party!

Hannah had a lot of fun going through the kitchen cupboards. This was her favorite toy!

My Aunt Ally and I really enjoy quiet time! Having 8 kids under one roof gets really loud. It is totally worth the noise though, I am so grateful that our kids get along well and are good friends. 

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