Monday, May 26, 2014


We made it out to Iowa to see my twin sister Holly and her family. We kinda decided last minute to go when I realized that Joe could come with me. (I originally planned to visit later this summer in July.) 

We stayed for 5 days and our kids played hard the whole time. Holly, Brian, Joe and I had a lot of fun visiting and catching up too. 

We had a lot of fun sitting around the house and simply spending time together.

We got to watch Blake graduate from preschool. 

Ali loved painting with Austin! These two just picked up where they left off...

Ali and Austin playing at the park.

They didn't even want to stop playing to brush their teeth. 

We went to the Science Museum in Des Moines which was awesome!!

Hannah loved this air thing...

Austin made a great weather man.

James and Blake loved looking at the animals!

Ali loved this crane...

Even Brian and Holly had fun! :)

We had a picnic by the lake and the kids played in this HUGE tree!

We visited the arboretum, it was beautiful!

Ali loved spending time with Holly!

I practiced taking my first panning shot, thanks Penrose family!

We fed the ducks and lots of geese.

We went to the mall and had lunch, went shopping and let the kids play.

We had a great trip and loved spending time with the Penrose family. 
Thanks for letting us take over your home and for the fun week. We love you and are excited to see you again soon:)

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