Sunday, June 8, 2014

Hannah's First Birthday!

I can't believe that my baby is already a year! Where does the time go? 

We celebrated Hannah's birthday in Texas with my Aunt and Uncle and their 4 kids, Hannah loved having all the kids around. 

 Hannah is a super sweet little girl, she loves to play peek a boo and watch and play with her siblings. She has my eyes and is our first dark eyed baby. She has 2 top teeth and 3 bottom teeth, I just love her smile.

Her new favorite thing is climbing the stairs. We don't have stairs at our house so she has loved going up and down them the past couple weeks. I love her cute chubby legs.

Hannah loves dogs! Every time she sees them she talks in a really high pitched voice and gets really excited. My aunt and uncle got to watch their neighbors dog on Hannah's birthday and Hannah loved it! She would not leave this poor dog alone.

Because she likes dogs so much we had a doggy cake. My Aunt Ali helped make me make this.

Hannah was excited to eat it!

Hannah also had her own cupcake.

She liked it! 

For Hannah's birthday we gave her a little remote controlled doggy that walks and barks and 

 a new stroller.

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