Monday, April 21, 2014

Easter Weekend

We spent Easter weekend in Logan visiting our families. We spent Friday with my family. As soon as we got there the kids were handed Easter buckets and started finding eggs. They were super excited!!

Hannah found two eggs and was content to tap them together for the rest of the day.

Ali was happy with just a few eggs...she just wanted to see what was in them. 

James went to town...he found tons of eggs and was super excited that he found the most.

We had fun dying eggs. 

Hannah had fun with daddy.

We spent Saturday with Joe's family. All of Joe's siblings and a few of his cousins brought their kids for a big easter hunt. 

Joe's Mom (Debby), Uncle (Ivan) and Aunt (Rhea)

Looking for Easter treats...

We stayed with Joe's parents and so did Joe's brother (Cory) along with his family. The kids all woke up and spent the morning looking for their Easter baskets. It was fun to watch the kids get excited together.

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