Sunday, May 25, 2014


We spent a lot of time driving this past month and got to see a lot of country. We really enjoyed our drive and the kids did really well for the most part. 

We left our house in Provo on May 13th and headed to Iowa to visit my sister Holly. We originally planned to break the drive up into 2 days but ended up driving it all in one day. We left our house at 9 in the morning and got to my sisters about 3 A.M. the next morning. The drive from Provo to Des Moines is a little over 16 hours but we stopped to eat, get gas, use restrooms, etc. Their is also an hour time change between states. 

Nebraska (I grew up here)




We left Des Moines on May 20th to head to Dallas. We left in the morning and drove all day and got to my Uncle Mikes house about 9 P.M. The kids were wonderful until the last hour...that's how it always goes:)

We stopped at Liberty Jail in Missouri on our way to Texas. This was the perfect stopping point we enjoyed getting out of the car for a minute and learning about Joseph Smith.


 I originally thought it would be cool to get a picture of each of the state signs that we drove through, this is the only one that turned out. We drove through: Utah, Wyoming, Nebraska, Iowa, Missouri, Oklahoma and Texas. Joe also drove through Colorado and New Mexico.

 Texas State Line

Ali loved taking care of Hannah and all of her baby dolls. Our kids were wonderful although I don't think they will jump in the car again anytime soon.

Joe flew back to Utah to get his car and drove from Provo to Dallas the next week. We had the hardest time trying to decide if we should caravan all together or have Joe fly back to Utah to pick up his car.  I am really grateful we did it this way. It was really nice to drive together!

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