Monday, March 31, 2014

March 2014 Summary

March was a month full of play dates and fun with friends. Ali had a lot of fun playing with her friend Anna. Ali loves playing with her dolls and pretending to be a mommy.

James has tons of friends in our neighborhood and seemed to have a different friend over every day this month. He loves playtime. James is really into super heroes and star wars. 

We went to the jumping gym for the first time...the kids loved it! We ended up going 2 more times in March.

We went to lots of MBASA activities and had a lot of fun getting to know other MBA families. 

We went miniature golfing as a family. Ali golfed for the first time. 

I got some new photo backdrops and took some pictures of the kids.

We tried to snap a quick picture of the family using my camera remote before heading off to church. This is what we got:) This picture makes me laugh...

James turned 5! He wanted to celebrate with his grandparents and cousins and so we made a trip to Logan. He loved playing with "the cousins!"

Ali went to "The Princess Tea Party" with her friend Anna and me. It was a fun night and Ali felt really special!

We visited my sister-in-laws family - the Prestwichs. They took us on a beautiful hike to a little waterfall. Their llama, dog and sheep came too!

The kids got to ride the llama- Hercules...this was awesome!

We had lunch together and enjoyed hanging out on "the farm" and visiting. The kids had fun taking care of the animals, James thought it was awesome to feed the cows and Ali loved feeding the lamb and  playing with the cats. 

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