Friday, January 31, 2014

Last Minute Trip to California

We decided spur of the moment to take a family trip to California. Joe was in search of an internship for this upcoming summer and was given the opportunity to interview in California. 

Originally, Joe thought he would fly to CA, interview then fly back but after seeing how expensive plane tickets were to buy last minute he changed his mind and decided to drive. 

When Joe told me this I thought he was crazy but then thought of making it a family trip. We made a few phone calls, crunched a few numbers and within 2 hours were on our way to California. This was a super spontaneous thing for me...probably one of the most spontaneous things I have ever done and it was wonderful!

We left for California on Wednesday January 16th around noon. We stopped in St. George to get gas, eat dinner and let the kids go potty and have a quick break. We then drove to Vegas and decided to take a little detour and take an hour or so to see the strip at night. It was our first time on the strip and we were glad we stopped to see it. I snapped a quick picture of the Stratosphere from the car while we were driving though. 

We arrived at the Jolly Roger Hotel in Anaheim early Tuesday morning and slept for a few hours. After a few hours of sleep the kids and I went swimming while Joe interviewed for an investing firm. The interview went really well and we felt like it was worth the trip. When Joe got back we had lunch and then drove to Huntington Beach. 

The beach was beautiful and so warm! We had a lot of fun playing in the sand, chasing birds, jumping waves and watching the sun set. 

We had dinner at our hotel and then spent the night just hanging out in our hotel room. The kids loved watching TV!

We spent all day Friday at Disneyland! Ali celebrated her 3rd birthday in the park and got all sorts of special treatment. Her favorite moment was meeting Rapunzel. She loves the movie Tangled and Rapunzel was so cute with her. She asked how old she was and then got really excited that it was her birthday! Rapunzel took Ali on a little walk and showed Ali her tower and then danced with her and let Ali play with her hair. It was a special moment!

Ali got to meet Snow White, Aurora, Rapunzel, Tinkerbell and Cinderell-E! She also met Winnie the Pooh and Tiger! 

James is really into Star Wars and was excited to meet Darth Vader! He spent most of the day running from one ride to the next. He loved riding the rides!

After a fun day in the park we loaded up the kids and drove through the night.  The kids slept the whole way! We arrived back home early Saturday morning. It was a super quick unplanned trip and tons of fun! 

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  1. Oh, How fun! Lets do it again right now.....if only! ; ) I love ya sis! You are looking super skinny and fit! The kiddos are going way to fast and I need to see you. ; )