Sunday, January 5, 2014

2013 Summary

2013 was a busy year for our family filled with lots of change. Rather then try to catch up on everything that fell out of my life for this busy and crazy year I am attempting to share a few highlights from the year.

Ali celebrated her second birthday. She was sick so it was super low key but she had fun and felt special!

Joe and I celebrated our 5 year wedding anniversary! 

The kids, my mom and I took a trip to Iowa to see my sister!

It was so fun to see Holly and see what her life is like in Iowa.

The kids had a ton of fun playing together. They loved blanket rides!

James started preschool at Wee Friends Preschool! He was wait listed at the start of the school year so did preschool and fieldtrip group at home with me until he got in. We were a little nervous about him starting mid-year but he did great and loved his teachers and friends. We still do Mrs. Julies reading program and love it!

Ali potty trained! She was amazing and practically potty trained herself!

We had a fun Valentines day! James loved playing with his preschool friends Maisey and Claire and doing a valentine swap at his preschool. 

We visited Grandma for Valentines Day. Ali loved eating sugar cookies with her.

We took a family trip to Hardware Ranch. It was beautiful!

We went to Disneyland with the whole Palmer gang (all of Joe's brothers and sisters and his parents!) The kids loved Disneyland and so did Joe and I...BEST VACATION EVER!!!

We went to the beach while we were in California too! 

James turned 4! He had a fun Dinosaur themed party with his friends!

We celebrated St. Patrick's Day!

We celebrated Easter! We had a lot of fun with family and enjoyed the annual Palmer Easter egg hunt.

The kids had fun finding their Easter baskets and Joe and I enjoyed watching the sunrise and reading the Easter story!

We dyed Easter eggs...the kids thought that was awesome!

 The kids planted Jelly Beans in hopes to grow lollipops.

My brother Daniel got his mission call to serve in Russia.

April was a pretty laid back month. We enjoyed the nice weather and had lots of BBQ's. James and Joe loved riding the 4-wheeler. 

I had a lot of fun learning how to use my new camera and took some silhouettes of our family.

I tried to get a few silhouettes of my baby bump...

My brother Brian got married, we love his wife Tiffany!

 I was put on bed rest but still went to the wedding. 

We celebrated Mother's day! The kids made these cute frames for their Grandma's.

We went fishing a lot!

I took lots of pictures.

We got ready for baby #3 to arrive. We didn't find out what gender baby #3 was and so we were really excited to find out.

 We spent lots of time visiting the doctors office in prep for baby #3.

We had an adorable baby girl on June 7th! She weighed 8 lbs 2 oz. I went all natural and she was our quickest and easiest labor yet.

James and Ali loved meeting their sister.

They both transitioned pretty well to having a new baby around.

James took swimming lessons with his cousins Blake and Tyson.

We celebrated the 4th of July!

 Spent lots of time holding and loving baby Hannah!

We went to Lagoon with Joe's work- Harris Research.

We blessed Hannah!

We had lots of family come to support us...thanks everyone!

Joe turned 27!

 We packed up all of your stuff into a GIANT UHAUL and said goodbye to our home in Logan.

The kids and I lived in Provo for a few weeks and got the house unpacked while Joe finished working at Harris Research. (He joined us in August. We moved to Provo so Joe could get his MBA at BYU.)

Our new home in Provo!

It took us awhile to adjust to a new home...we enjoyed time together as a family!

Joe started school at BYU! 

Joe ran a half marathon!

Joe and all of his siblings did temple sealings together to celebrate his parents 40 year wedding anniversary.

Joe went hunting and got a nice buck!

We explored Provo Canyon and had a picnic by Bridalveil Falls.

We got family pictures with the fall leaves.

James fell off of his castle and broke his two front teeth. He got a root canal in one of them to save it.

James played Fall soccer with the MBA kids!

We had lots of company and Joe and his brothers went hunting and to a BYU basketball game.

We went to the corn maze...a few times. The kids loved it!

We played in the leaves!

We had a Halloween party with my family, Joe's family, the MBA group and our ward. The kids got to wear their costumes a lot this year!

We used our fireplace...a lot. We love having a fireplace!

We spent time with my family and Joe's for thanksgiving.

The kids had lots of fun playing with their cousins.

Ali got tubes in her ears. She hasn't had an ear infection since :)

We went to the light festival at Thanksgiving Point and saw the reindeer.

We put up all of our Christmas decorations, the kids loved this!

We had a big Christmas party with the Palmer's and the kids got to see Santa.

My sister Holly visited from Iowa with her family and blessed their little baby Andrew. I got to meet him for the first time. (Andrew, Hannah, Luke-my brother Tyler's baby)

It is so fun having babies close in age. We spent Christmas Eve and morning with my family. We all stayed the night at my parents and talked with my brothers Devin and Daniel who are both serving missions.

James and Blake had a ton of fun together...

We went sledding.

Made gingerbread houses

and I took pictures...lots of pictures! Here is one with my parents and all the grand-kids!

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